Who We Are:

CPI Divisions has been a leading provider of high quality tools, parts and supplies, for automotive, industrial, agricultural and houshold markets for over 30 years. We are eager to help you find the solutions you need.



Why We’re Different:

For over 30 years, CPI has been meeting and surpassing customer expectations. We consider each customer to be our best customer, and our service reflects that philosophy.



How We Do It:

Central to our “Corporate Culture”, CPI continues to develop and market high-quality, innovative products, including: Rugged Wypes; Victory Lap Kits; Drip Trap absorbent mats, and many, many others!



about us

Clean Plus, Inc. is a privately held corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Minnesota in 1982. The Company was established to develop and market Clean Plus Hand Soap. Sales of Clean Plus have established it as a formidable competitor in the vast industrial hand cleaner market read-more

Our Promise:

CPI will provide every customer with quality products and service; identifying and satisfying needs with urgency and integrity.



“Always, The Pride Of Quality”