The Clean Plus, Inc. Executive Team consists of Matthew D. Coy, President; George J. Coy, CEO; Darla Knutson, Production Manager; and Marie Lindblom, Accounting Manager.

President Matthew D. Coy joined the Company in 1996 as Product Development Manager. After getting his BA in Business Management from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Matthew entered the Management Development program at Menards. Following his success at Menards, Matthew brought that experience to the Company.
Matthew became President of Clean Plus, Inc. in 2002. As such, he assumes the role of CFO, Operations Manager and shares the Marketing and Sales Manager position with the CEO.
George J. Coy is the founder of the Company and has served as both President and CEO. With a BA in Psychology, George brings to the Company years of experience in Management, Product Development, Marketing and Sales.
As CEO George serves as General Manager, and shares Sales and Marketing Management with the President. In addition, George manages a wide array of special projects from grant writing to product vehicle application to fielding customers’ technical questions for the Parts Division.

Accounting Manager – Darla Knutson was hired by CPI in 2002 as a general production worker. Her quick grasp of complex inventory details and complicated fulfillment tasks equiped her well for her previous position as Production Coordinator. Her attention to detail, computer skills and good working relationships with each of the 14 Company employees serve her well as Accounting Manager.