In the early 1990’s, CPI founded the Parts Division to serve the needs of automotive mass-merchandisers with a line of hard-parts centered mostly on the “rotating electric” (starters & alternators) segment of the market. Since that time, the Parts Division has expanded its offering to include solenoids, regulators, as well as some specialty items for under-served portions of the auto and light-truck market.

Victory Lap Starter & Alternator Repair Kits & Component Parts

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CPI’s Parts Division began to market its Victory Lap line of automotive alternator and starter repair kits and component parts in 1991. Currently the largest producer of starter and alternator repair kits in the automotive market, Victory Lap Repair Kits & component Parts provide an economically reasonable repair alternative to expensive ‘remanufactured’ or unreliable salvage-yard units.

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JIMCO Maintenance Reminders

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In 1995, CPI’s Parts Division acquired the JIMCO line of Maintenance Reminders. Sourcing, packaging and marketing a simple line of maintenance reminder stickers (oil change stickers as well as windshield stickers), the JIMCO line has been successful with auto parts stores and home centers, providing the D-I-Y market with an important piece of the ‘self-maintenance puzzle’.

DRAGGIN’ BLADE Back-Drag Snowplow System.

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Sometimes, the simplest ideas make the most sense. When presented with the opportunity to license, manufacture, and market a unique back-drag system in the late 2000’s, CPI was eager to take this new product to market.

A simple, yet effective patented design provides snow plow operators with the ability to effectively ‘back-drag’ a wide range of areas which were only previously managed by inefficient and tiresome shoveling. Adoptingthis economical solution, operators are now able to increase plow time, reduce fatigue and give their customers a higher quality end-result. With sizes and conversions to fit most pickup-mounted snow plows on the market.

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