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CPI’s Chemical Division was established in 1982 to develop and market Clean Plus Hand Soap. Over the years, Clean Plus has earned a reputation as one of the highest quality, and most widely used, hand cleaners in the U.S. and Canadian markets. In 1987, Clean Plus, Inc. acquired Tarkelp Manufacturing, the respected developer and manufacturer of Tarkelp Hand Soap founded in 1931. Clean Plus, Inc. continues to manufacture and market Tarkelp Hand Soap, which remains one of the best industrial hand cleaners available. Since that time, CPI’s Chemical Division has continually researched and developed additional products (outlined below) with a focus on the removal of the hardest-to-remove materials.

Tarkelp Hand Soap

Tarkelp Hand Soap is the heavy-duty hand cleaner chosen by people whocare about their hands. Its’ thorough, yet gentle cleaning ability makes it superior to any product on the market. Tarkelp Hand Soap is the choice of those who want a hand cleaner that is tough on grime, yet gentle on skin.
Tarkelp is:

  • Tough on grime – Tarkelp cleans away grease, grime, dirt, clay, ink, paint, putty, adhesives, tar, and carbon without leaving a slimy film or smelly residue.
  • Gentle on your hands – Tarkelp’s careful blend of cleaners, emollients & conditioners are designed to be effective, yet gentle. Unlike other hand cleaners, Tarkelp contains no harsh petroleum or ammonia. Tarkelp’s deep-cleaning pumice cleans efficiently and effectively, yet rinses away cleanly and gently.
  • Economical – With Tarkelp’s concentrated cleaning power, a little goes a long way! The regular use of Tarkelp Hand Soap will substantially reduce your hand cleaning costs!.
  • Available in 1lb, 5lb & 30lb sizes, Tarkelp has the right size for you.

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Clean Plus Hand Soap:

  • Cleans — Lifts away hard to remove grease, grime, soot, dirt, ink and tar.
  • Deodorizes – Unique formula
    washes away odors from livestock, animal waste, pets, fuels, chemicals & fish.
  • Conditions – Does not dry out hands. Contains no petroleum distillates or ammonia. Clean Plus Hand Soap is formulated from a mild soap base, with effective (yet mild) cleaning and deodorizing agents. Fine pumice is used to help remove ground in soils & stains. Lanolin is added to soften & condition the skin.

The superior cleaning and deodorizing ability of Clean Plus Hand Soap has made it a favorite of Mechanics, Factories, Painters, Farmers, Homeowners & Sportsman. Available in several sizes; from a 4oz squeeze tube, up to the 30lb bulk pail.

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Clean Plus Rugged Wypes

The same powerful cleaning performance as other Clean Plus Hand Cleaner products in a convenient towel form. Rugged Wypes’ self-dispensing container assures a quick supply of the toughest cleaning action, NO WATER NEEDED! Rugged Wypes are convenient and portable for easy use in the shop, home, factory or to carry to the jobsite.Rugged Wypes quickly and effectively remove the toughest soils and stains from:

  • Paint
  • Mastics
  • Adhesives
  • Tar
  • Ink
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Tar
  • Wax
  • Urethane

Rugged Wypes textured, non-marring towels clean a wide variety of surfaces:

  • Hands
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Machinery

Available in either 30ct or 72ct canisters.

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Clean Plus Formula II

Clean Plus Formula II Heavy Duty liquid hand cleaner is perfect for auto and heavy equipment mechanics, factory workers, painters, farmers and the like. Formula II cleans away oil grease, paint, ink, toner, stains mastics, and ground-in grime of all kinds. The finest high-performance cleaners and emulsifiers have been carefully blended in Formula II to aggressively (yet gently) penetrate and lift away stubborn soils and grime quickly and effectively. Available in 12oz and 1gallon sizes,

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Clean Plus Formula III

Clean Plus Formula III Super Duty Hand Cleaner is the choice for the hardest to remove paints, coatings, adhesives and mastics. Originally developed specifically to remove urethane-based adhesives, Formula III has become the favorite of Auto glass installers, auto body technicians, painters, finishers and many others.
Available in 2oz, 16oz and 1gallon sizes.

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Clean Plus Professional Glass Cleaner

Clean Plus Professional Glass Cleaner is specially formulated for professionals & consumers alike. Simply spray on and wipe away for clean, streak-free results. Clean Plus Professional Glass Cleaner quickly dissolves grease, grime & dirt, but contains no ammonia, alcohol or vinegar, making it safe to use with delicate surfaces and adhesives.
Available in 32oz, 1 gallon & 5-gallon ready-to-use or, in the super-economical 32oz concentrate (which makes 5-gallons).

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Clean Plus Dry Wypes

Dry Wypes are super strong, 4-ply reinforced wipers featuring ultra-high absorbency in a handy self-dispensing carton. Nylon reinforcing (scrim) webbing laminated between layers of ultra-absorbent tissue make this lo-lint towel super strong, even when saturated.
Dry Wypes are ideal for glass installers, homeowners, mechanics and many others. Experience the ultimate in performance, convenience and cost saving efficiency with Clean Plus Dry Wypes!

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Clean Plus Gluvs

CPI offers a top-quality line of Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves for shop, industry, industrial, health, EMS and home use. Clean Plus Gluvs are built tough to give you the protection you need and to keep you safe under harsh working conditions. The Accellerator-Free Formulation ensures unsurpassed strength & stretch. Polymer coating and a true powderless manufacturing process provide the easiest donning, most comfortable fitting gloves on the market. Available in “Hi-Dex” cobalt and “Cobra” Black, these FDA-Approved gloves provide the utmost in protection, comfort and tactile sensitivity. Available in XS-XXL sizes

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