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PILLOW Oil-Only 10″x10″ 40/pk-E Group


Echo Group “Oil Only” ( white) Pillows have a polypropylene case and are filled with polypropylene fibers, therefore they float while they attract oil and repel water.  They are ideal for removing an oil slick on ponds or for containing spills and pools of hazardous liquids and preventing them from migrating to storm sewers or other surface water areas.  They also work well for an easy and quick clean-up of any oil or similar liquid spill especially in hard to reach areas.


10″x10″ White (Oil Only) Poly Pillow-40/pk  –  E Group polypropylene absorbent Pillows.

The Echo Group “Oil Only” (white) absorbent pillows are  designed to float and repel water while absorbing oil and similar hydro-carbons. Thus, Echo Pillows are  ideal for blocking oil spills from reaching storm drains and for removing oil slicks from streams, ponds, lakes, ports or from wherever it is desirable to separate and retrieve oil from water.  Echo Pillows also work well to absorb any oil spill in a quick and easy — no sweeping — way.

Echo Group pillows are available in “Oil Only” (white), “Universal” (gray) OR HAZMAT (yellow) in various sizes.

Disposal of saturated absorbents must be in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations governing the material absorbed.  Handling, storage and disposal of saturated absorbents may be governed by local, State and Federal Environmental and Transportation regulation.  The end-user is solely responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations.


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