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20 Gal Spill Kit – Refill 1/pk


This is a refill kit for any Twenty gallon drum type Hazardous liquid spill recovery station.  It consists of a variety of bio-based and polypropylene absorbents, in granular, sock, pillow and polypropylene pad form.  See description below for list of contents.

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20 Gal Spill Kit – Refill

The refill kit contains a selection of USDA certified bio-based absorbents and polypropylene oil only (white) and universal (gray) absorbent pads that are normally packed in a 20 gallon spill kit.  The refill kit offers the economy of using an existing 20 gallon drum.  The contents of the refill kit are listed below.  Individual components of the kit are also available.

See Part No. DTSK20G for the complete 20 gallon spill kit in an Eagle 20 gal. plastic drum with a lever lock band type lid.

                          20 GALLON SPILL KIT REFILL

 Qty Part No. Description
3 DTSSZL Drip Trap SpeedSorb Absorbent in 1 gal. zip bag
1 DTG005 Drip Trap Absorbent Granules 1/2 cu. ft. plastic bag
3 DTGZL Drip Trap Absorbent Granules 1 gal zip bag
1 DTP12X12 Drip Trap Absorbent Pillow 12″ X 12″
1 DTP12X18 Drip Trap Absorbent Pillow 12″ X 18″
1 DTS4X24 Drip Trap Absorbent Sock 4″ X 24″
1 DTS4X48 Drip Trap Absorbent Sock 4″ X 48″
5 0SS1618BGM Polypropylene Absorbent, oil only (white) 16″ X 18″
5 USS1618BGM Polypropylene Absorbent, universal (grey)16″ X 18″
1 NPFHD-(L) HI-RISK Nitrile Powder Free MEDICAL GRADE Gloves – 6mil
1 TACOMA Safety Glasses (fit over the top of existing eyewear)
2 DBAG Disposal bags.


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