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Bonded Oil-Only Pad 30″x40″ 50/pk HVY-B Group


Clean Plus Polypropylene Bonded Sorbents consist of layers upon layers of melt blown ploypropylene fibers sonically bonded together for added strength, durability, and to reduce lint. Bonded Sorbents are ideal for spill recovery under leaking equipment, or in areas where over-spray, leaks, and drips make a mess. Bonded Sorbents are available in Oil-Only, Universal, and Hazmat configurations.


The White Bonded Sorbents are designed for Oil-Only cleanup. These Sorbents trap oil and hydrocarbons but resist absorbing water. They can be used in shops, factories, or anywhere oil or fuel poses an unsightly, safety, or environmental hazard. Because these sosrbents do not absorb water, they are ideal for skimming oil from ponds or streams. They are safe and easy to use, and no lint or residue is left behind. Available in sheets or rolls in light, medium, and heavy weight.


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