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DTCFFO89MX4 RETAIL Oil-Only 8″ X 9″ Pad 4/pk-C Group


This pack of four 8″ x 9″ pads from the Charlie Group Bonded Polypropylene Oil-Only (White) Sorbents are shrink-wrapped into a tube for retail display.   Refer to part number DTCFFO1618M for information about this product.

Note that any Clean Plus Brand Polypropylene Sorbent Pads can be similarly packaged for retail.  Contact for information and prices on custom retail packed products. 


 8″x9″ Oil-Only (White) Charlie Group of Bonded Fine Fiber Medium Pads-retail  4/pk (Reference no. DTCFFO89MX4, DTC FFO89MX4 )

All Clean + Brand Polypropylene Pads are proudly made in America of high quality melt blown polypropylene fibers variously sonically welded into  durable, lint free, absorbent pad and perforated rolls. There are five Groups – A through E — of polypropylene sorbent products. Each Group is constructed differently to suite individual needs and preferences. The poly pads are available in a variety of sizes and weights; Oil Only, Universal and Hazmat; sheets or perforated rolls all of which are available in packages for retail.

This standard retail pack contains four 8″ x 9″ Medium weight, “Oil Only” type (absorbs oil and sheds water) pads from the Charlie Group of Bonded Fine Fiber Polypropylene absorbent material.  Pads from other Groups, size, weight, and type are available on request.
Disposal of saturated absorbents must be in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations governing the material absorbed.  Handling, storage and disposal of saturated absorbents may be governed by local, State and Federal Environmental and Transportation regulation.  The end-user is solely responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations.


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