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ANTI-STATIC Oil-Only Pad 16″x20″ 25/pk HVY-E Group


The Echo Group Static Resistant Sorbents are proudly made in America of high quality melt blown polypropylene fibers formed into a durable, “Oil Only” (white), absorbent pad.  These anti-static pads are tested and proven to be static resistant for increased safety when recovering volatile liquids.  Use whenever static-electric sparks pose a threat of igniting fuels or other volatile substances.   Safety First!


Anti-Static Pads – 16″ x 20″-Oil Only-25/pk-HEAVY — E Group Polypropylene Sorbents

The Echo Group “oil only” (White) Static Resistant Sorbents are constructed from a single layer of melt-blown polypropylene fibers combined with an anti-static additive to create an effective yet safe absorbent when dealing with volatile liquids.   They are for the recovery of volatile fluids wherever the possibility of a static discharge exists.  The Echo Group Static Resistant Sorbents are designed  to float and repel water while absorbing oil, fuel and similar hydro-carbons.

For added safety, Static Resistant Sorbents are packed in a blue translucent bag so personnel can quickly distinguish the static resistant pads from other “oil only” (white) absorbent pads.

The Echo Group “oil only” (white) Static Resistant Sorbents are available in 16″ X 20″ pads in heavy or light weights.

Disposal of saturated absorbents must be in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations governing the material absorbed.  Handling, storage and disposal of saturated absorbents may be governed by local, State and Federal Environmental and Transportation regulation.  The end-user is solely responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations.


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