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Clean Plus Hand Soap, 1# Tube


Packed with cleaning power, this gentle hand soap offers unparalleled cleaning ability with a special blend of emollients and conditioners designed specifically to restore the skin’s natural state. Try it and you’ll never go back!


Clean plus hand soap is the top choice of farmers, home owners, gardeners, mechanics, painters, fishermen, sportsmen, factory employees, and more. Clean plus hand soap lifts away hard to remove grease, grime, soot, ink, tar, and everyday dirt. The unique formula washes away odors from livestock, animal waste, pets, fuels, chemicals, fish, and more. Clean plus hand soap does not dry out the hands, as it contains no petroleum, distillates, or ammonia. Clean plus is built on a mild soap base with mild yet effective cleaning and deodorizing agents as well as fine pumice to help remove stubborn dirt and dry skin. Lanolin helps to soften and condition the hands, making them look and feel good as new.


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