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66-8100 Hitachi Starter Solenoid


CSD2127 Starter Solenoid, 12 Volt, 3-Terminal for: 1978-89 Hitachi OSGR Starters


66-8100 Starter Solenoid (Ref. no. 668100, 19-6080-0, 1960800, CSD2127 )

12 Volt, 3-Terminal
For: Hitachi OSGR Starters
Used On: (1989-78) Nissan; Ishikawajima, Massey Ferguson, Toyosha
Unit Nos: Hitachi S13-56, A; S114-252, A, C, E, F; S114-253, A, B; S114-254, A, B, C, D; S114-255, A; S114-258, A, C; S114-264, A; S114-322A, S114-344, S114-374B, S114-393, S114-403B, S114-440; S114-441A, B
Lester Nos: 16584, 16611, 16694, 16803, 16811, 16813, 16814, 16816, 16982
Dim: Batt. Term. M8 x 1.25
Motor Term. M8 x 1.25
Switch Term. Male Spade


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