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Drip Trap Sock 4×48 1/pk


Drip Trap socks are made of the same effective absorbent as used in Drip Trap Pillows.

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The corn plant fiber used in all Drip Trap products is manufactured by a special process that enhances its absorbtion ability and makes it the most environmentally friendly absorbtion material available. Drip Trap products are truly “green” and are created from a renewable, underutilized natural resource. They intend to reduce contamination of the environment by trapping oil and other hazardous waste and offer the most environmentally responsible option for disposal. Drip Trap Socks are designed to absorb and contain spills wherever they occur. They work well around and under machines to absorb drips and splatters while taking up a minimal amount of space. They are also effective in damming the flow of spilled oil on sloping floors. The socks are 4 inches in diameter and are available in 2, 4, 8, and custom feet in length.


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