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Professional Glass Cleaner, 5 Gallon RTU



This super-duty glass cleaner is the preferred choice by professional Glass Installer and Maintenance workers.  Clean Plus Glass Cleaner is far superior to common household products in cleaning and no-streak performance.  The five gallon tote and spigot supplies the absolute best glass cleaner available in an easy, economical  form.  When empty the tote can be refilled using the 32 oz bottle of concentrate (part no. GCC032) and tap water to make another five gallon of Super-duty, Super-economical, Ready-to-Use glass cleaner.  A perfect product for use with our Dry Wypes (part no. TW150) Lint-Free towels on glass or any hard surface.


Glass Cleaner 5 Gallon Ready to Use (with Spigot)

Professional Glass Cleaner,  5 Gallon, Ready-to-Use with Spigot.  GC640RTU

This super-duty, super-economical ready-to-use glass cleaner is the preferred choice of glass professionals.  The glass cleaner comes in a handy plastic tote that has its own spigot to make refilling spray bottles an easy, no mess, no waste task.   For un-equaled cleaning performance and streak-free results professionals team our Professional Glass Cleaner with our Dry Wypes lint-free towels.

Clean +  Professional Glass Cleaner is: Fast, Effective, Easy to use, Economical, Streak-free and contains no Ammonia or Alcohol

Professional Glass Cleaner is also available in a 32 oz Concentrate (Part no. GCC032) that, when blended with tap water, makes five gallons of ready-to-use glass cleaner.  The Concentrate makes it possible to refill and reuse your five gallon container and spigot an infinite number of times.


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