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Speedsorb 1 Gallon Zip Bag 1/pk


This is a convenient one gallon zip bag filled with Drip Trap SpeedSorb, the popular Emergency Spill Response Absorbent. While commonly found in spill kits, it is also useful where keeping a small amount of absorbent close at hand is advisable. Drip Trap speedSorb is an all natural, biodegradable absorbent medium that safely absorbs harmful and hazardous liquid spills, large and small, quickly, efficiency and economically.


Speedsorb 1 Gallon Zip Bag (1 pk)

Here is a convenient size of Drip Trap SpeedSorb that is specifically designed to provide emergency spill response absorbency at industrial sites, refineries, oil wells, commercial airports, military bases, and hazardous liquid pipeline and transportation facilities where fuel and hydraulic spills, while infrequent, require fast, effective absorbency by a medium that is inexpensive and can be disposed of responsibly. Also, SpeedSorb is ideal for use around tank farms, fuel trucks, trains or any other place where larger spills are possible.

All Drip Trap products, including SpeedSorb, are USDA certified and labeled as 100% Bio-based and carry the Federal Procurement Preference designation. For more information on the USDA bio-based and Procurement Preference program see

Unlike most other absorbents, SpeedSorb offers environmentally friendly disposal options, including incineration and composting.

Disposal of saturated absorbents must be in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations governing the material absorbed. Handling, storage and disposal of saturated absorbents may be governed by local, State and Federal Environmental and Transportation regulation. The end-user is solely responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations.


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