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TK030-OR Tarkelp Orange 30# Pail


Tarkelp Hand Soap is the heavy-duty hand cleaner chosen by people who care about their hands. Its thorough yet gentle cleaning ability makes it superior to any product on the market. Tarkelp hand soap is the choice of those who want a cleaner that is tough on grime while being gentle on their hands.


Tarkelp cleans away grease, grime, dirt, clay, ink, body putty, gasket cement, adhesives, tar carbon, acids, gasoline and even diesel fuel without leaving a slimy or smelly residue. Tarkelp is made with a careful blend of soaps and skin conditioners designed to be effective, yet gentle on your hands. Unlike other hand cleaners, it contains no harsh petroleum or ammonia agents. Tarkelp’s deep cleaning pumice is suspended in gentle cleaners so that it cleans efficiently, gently, and rinses off completely. With the balanced blend of effective ingredients, just a teaspoon is usually all that is needed to clean even the grimiest hands. The regular use of Tarkelp hand soap will substantially cut your hand cleaning costs.


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