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SPILL KIT VEHICLE UNIV Polypropylene 1/pk


The Vehicle Polypropylene Universal (Gray) Spill Kit is an in-the-cab, zipper sealed, 16″ X 18″ X 5″, clear plastic unit filled with highly absorbent polypropylene  pads and socks for on-the-spot recovery of leaks or spills of hazardous liquids.  The pads and socks are of the “universal” (Gray) type for the recovery of any liquid in a safe and effective way. The kit also includes personal protection items and Best Practice Instructions.


Vehicle Polypropylene Universal (Gray) Spill Kit. 


10 Polypropylene Pads, universal (gray) (DTAUSS1618BGM)

3   Polypropylene socks, universal (gray) (DTEWSOCK430)

2   Nitrile Powder Free MEDICAL GRADE Gloves (NPFHD-L, XL)

1   Safety Glasses (fit over the top of existing eyewear) (TACOMA)

2   Disposal bags. (DBAG)

1   Best Practice Instructions. (BPI-PTK007)

1  Zipper sealed clear plastic. Size: 16 X 18 X 4. Weight: 7 lbs

Disposal of saturated absorbents must be in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations governing the material absorbed.  Handling, storage and disposal of saturated absorbents may be governed by local, State and Federal Environmental and Transportation regulation.  The end-user is solely responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations.



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