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Univ. 16″x18″ Pad 100/pk HVY-A Group


Clean Plus Polypropylene Sorbents are made of high quality melt-blown polypropylene fibers sonically bonded into a durable, lint-free absorbent pad. These pads come in Oil-Only, Universal, or Hazmat configurations that are tough, yet pliable and easy to use.


These Sorbents allow for the fast and easy cleanup of spills, leaks, or drips. They are ideal for industry, automotive, marine and oil field use and are available in rolls or sheets. Universal Sorbent Media absorbs water, oil, and other related spills. They are flexible and have multi-purpose uses and are the most popular absorbent product. This absorbent is available in light, medium, and heavy weight and comes in both rolls and sheets.


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