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CPI manufactures absorbents for recovery of oil, fuel, solvents and other hazardous liquids under the Drip Trap® brand and distributes polypropylene absorbents under the Clean +® brand. Together the two brands form a full line of absorbents.

Drip Trap® Bio-based Absorbents

CPI’s Sorbent Division manufactures all natural, bio-based, environmentally friendly, patented sorbent products in a number of formats designed for both homeowner and commercial applications under the Drip Trap® brand. Drip Trap® products demonstrate outstanding absorbent capacity, speed and economy, while appealing to the ever-increasing environmental demands of the market.

All Drip Trap® products are USDA certified and labeled as 100% Bio-based and carry the Federal BioPreferred drip trap hi res colorProcurement Preference designation. 

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Buyers Guide to Drip Trap Sorbents

Drip Trap® Granules:

A patented process converts bio-mass into granules for use in maintenance Granules in handfacilities and commercial settings for fast clean-up of drips and spills. The Granules are designed to be used like traditional clay products but are 6 times more absorbent, safer to use, sweeps up easily and provide more environmentally responsible disposal options.

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Drip Trap® Pads:

Highly absorbent pads (3/4 inch thick) for use under vehicles or persistent drips to DT2014trap liquids before they make a mess on the floor. The patented process assures that once hazardous liquids are absorbed, Drip Trap® Pads will not leach out, track and can be driven on without damaging the Pad……..and they don’t blow away!

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Drip Trap® SpeedSorb:

Specifically designed to provide emergency spill response absorbency at SpeedSorb Bowlfactories, transportation facilities, refineries, tank farms, airports, where spills of fuel and other hazardous liquids, while infrequent, require fast, effective absorbency by a medium that is inexpensive and can be disposed of responsibly.

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Drip Trap® Pillows and Socks:

For use where quick easy clean-up of a spill is required and to Pillows and socksprevent the migration of a spill into storm sewers or other critical areas. Pillows and Socks are ideal for windy conditions or in places where removal of other absorbents present a problem. [Note: A selection of polypropylene pillows and socks are available under the Clean +® brand, Echo Group.]

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Clean +® Polypropylene Sorbent Products

Clean +® Brand Polypropylene Sorbents complete the Sorbent Division’s offerings. Five types of Poly Sorbents are available. All are of excellent quality, made in the USA and are available in sheets or rolls; oil only, universal, hazardous liquid or static resistant; in light, medium, and heavy weight. Polypropylene products are also available in socks, pillows and berms. The Poly products are available in smaller packs for the retail market. [Of course, polypropylene products are not bio-based.]

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Buyers Guide to Polypropylene Sorbents Alpha Group Bonded Sorbents:

American made melt-blown fibrous polypropylene material is layered, then sonically bonded into sorbent sheets or rolls in light, medium or heavy thickness for high absorbency and durability. Available in oil-only (white), Universal – all liquids (gray), and HazMat – all liquids (Yellow*)

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Bravo Group Bonded Sorbents:

American made layers of melt-blown polypropylene fibers are sonically bonded for added strength and reduced linting. Bravo group offers higher absorbent capacity and durability in an economically efficient absorbent. Available in sheets or rolls in light, medium or heavy weight, in oil-only (white), Universal – all liquids (gray), and HazMat – all liquids (Yellow*)

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Charlie Group Fine Fiber Sorbents:

Clean +® sorbents are a step-up from the Bonded Fine Fiberlines in absorption capacity and durability. A durable fine fiber polypropylene cover stock is ultrasonically welded over a melt blown core for more strength and durability, with less lint than other poly sorbents. Charlie Group sorbents are ideal for industrial and heavy duty applications. American Made and available in sheets or rolls in medium or heavy weight, in oil-only (white), Universal – all liquids (gray), and HazMat – all liquids(Yellow*)

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Delta Group Laminated Sorbents:

Laminated sorbents are the ultimate in  durability and capacity.  Outer layers of durable spun-bond polypropylene material are ultrasonically bonded to a high loft melt-blown core, creating a strong, durable, non-linting, abrasion resistant, soft and pliable absorbent.  Delta Group sorbents are ideal for wiping down parts or for applications that require lint free performance.  Available in sheets or rolls in medium or heavy weight; in oil-only (white) and Universal – all liquids (gray).

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made from recycled polypropylene fibers.

Available in heavy weight; oil-only (white) and Universal – all liquids (gray). Excellent choice where recycled products are mandated or preferred.

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Echo Group:

Includes a full selection of polypropylene absorbent pillows, socks and booms in oil-only (white), Universal – all liquids (gray) and HazMat – all liquids (Yellow*) [Note: A selection of 100% bio-based pillows and socks are available under the Drip Trap® brand.]

The Echo Group includes the line of Anti-static polypropylene sheets; oil-only in Light or Heavy weight for use where a static-electric discharge is possible. The use of these “static-resistant” sheets reduces the risk of a catastrophic explosion in the workplace. The sheets are packed in a distinctive light blue package for ease of identification.

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CPI Spill Kits

DT Spill Kit 95CPI Spill Kits contain a selection of absorbent products from both the Drip Trap® and Clean +® line, as well as personal protection items.  5 Gallon, 20 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon, 95 gallon, cab mount and several in-cab Spill Kits are available. In addition, custom Kits are available constructed to the customer’s specifications.

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Tree Mat

TM INSTALLWhile not specifically an absorbent, these weed barrier & moisture preserving mats are born from the same technology used in the absorbent line. Easy to deploy and with a life-span in excess of 2 years, these tree mats are rapidly becoming the favorite of nurseries, landscape contractors and garden centers.

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Our Promise:

CPI will provide every customer with quality products and service; identifying and satisfying needs with urgency and integrity.

“Always, The Pride Of Quality”

about us:

Clean Plus, Inc. is a privately held corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Minnesota in 1982. The Company was established to develop and market Clean Plus Hand Soap. Sales of Clean Plus have established it as a formidable competitor in the vast industrial hand cleaner market
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