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Products for Emergency Medical Service entities and entities needing Biohazard Management.

Police – Jails – Correction Facilities – Ambulance – First Responders – Fire Departments – Schools


CPI offers a top-quality line of Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves for shop, industry, industrial, health, EMS and home use. Clean Plus Gluvs are built tough to give you the protection you need and to keep you safe under harsh working conditions. The Accellerator-Free Formulation ensures unsurpassed strength & stretch. Polymer coating and a true powderless manufacturing process provide the easiest donning, most comfortable fitting gloves on the market. Available in “Hi-Dex” cobalt and “Cobra” Black, these FDA-Approved gloves provide the utmost in protection, comfort and tactile sensitivity.
Available in XS-XXL sizes
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CPI offers a variety of biohazard management products from personal protection to clean up and containment.  CPI also offers government mandated clean up kits for emergency vehicles, schools and school buses, and enforcement agencies.

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