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Seasonal / Landscape

A Minnesota Company, CPI has a great love of the outdoors, but also recognizes the challenges that are encountered managing the four seasons. CPI has developed a short line of items for the outdoors and landscape markets. Specifically:


Using technology developed in the Absorbent Division, CPI has developed a unique product for use in transplanting trees and shrubs. The Tree Mat, made from all-natural corn stalks, suppresses weeds and simultaneously preserves moisture around the root ball of recently transplanted trees and shrubs during the critical 24 months after transplant.


A system for pickup-mounted snow plows which allows operators to remove snow in reverse, providing far better access for hard to reach areas. This unique, patented system saves time and money, freeing up operators to be more efficient and cover more ground in a shorter period of time.

Our Promise:

CPI will provide every customer with quality products and service; identifying and satisfying needs with urgency and integrity.

“Always, The Pride Of Quality”

about us:

Clean Plus, Inc. is a privately held corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Minnesota in 1982. The Company was established to develop and market Clean Plus Hand Soap. Sales of Clean Plus have established it as a formidable competitor in the vast industrial hand cleaner market
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